Volunteer Requirements

There are 2 components to the Volunteer Requirements for Competitive Swim Families at RDCSC (excluding Junior Youth group). 

Families must achieve both requirements to complete their MINIMUM volunteer commitment.


1. Officiating Certification Progression Requirement:

  • Year 1: One family member completes Level I training (Introduction to Timing & Safety Marshall) and shadow sessions for Timer certification.

  • Year 2: Achieve a minimum of 2 additional timing sessions for "experienced Timer" status. Level II training is optional.

  • Year 3: Complete Level II certification in one officiating position.

  • Year 4: Obtain Level II certification in a second position.

  • Officiating fee applies to those not meeting training requirements.


2. Minimum Volunteer Requirements for Home Swim Meets:

  • All competitive swim families, regardless of group, must fulfill a total of 9 shifts for the season. (1 shift at a home mini meet (Oct & May), 3 shifts at the Valentines meet & 5 shifts at Freeze or Fry)

  • Shifts include officiating, set up, tear down, hospitality, marshalling, and concession.

  • A shift is approximately 5 hours; 2-3 hours constitute a half shift.

  • Penalties: $200 charge for each missed shift; cancellation less than 7 days before the event may require finding a replacement.

  • Flexibility: Families unable to meet requirements at one meet can discuss alternatives with the Volunteer Coordinator.


For late-joining swimmers:

  • Joining after Oct 31 (Year 1): Considered the swimmer's first FULL year.

  • Joining after Oct 15 but before Dec 1: Complete Valentine AND Freeze or Fry shifts for Provincial/Prospect/Performance/Elite; only Freeze or Fry shifts for Youth or Development.

  • Joining Dec 1 to March 30: Must complete Freeze or Fry shifts.

  • Joining after March 30: Complete 2 shifts at Freeze or Fry for Provincial/Prospect/Performance/Elite; encouraged but not required for Youth or Development.


See "Officials Infomation" tab and "Parent Handbook" (pg 16) for addtional information