Learn to Swim Program

The RDCSC board is thrilled to announce our club is the recipient of a Return to Play grant from KidSport and the Government of Alberta. This grant is to expand our Learn to Swim program to help more kids get an introduction to competitive swimming at an early age. Growing our Learn to Swim program will not only help kids learn an important life skill, it will also help expand our competitive swimming program. RDCSC would like to thank the Government of Alberta and KidSport Alberta for the opportunity to get more kids in the pool in Red Deer.





About the Group

Our Learn to Swim program I CAN SWIM is a partnership with Swimming Alberta, and supported by KIdSport and the Alberta Government.  Swimmers will learn to be SAFE, COMFORTABLE in the water as well as with the four strokes (Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly) in a fun supportive environment. 

Our program is targeted towards swimmers aged 5 to 10. 


Main Focus:  Building confidence in the water.

This is a beginners’ class developed to help children become comfortable in the water with a range of skills designed to help build their confidence.

Skills Introduced:  Floating, kicking, submersion & breath control.


Main Focus:  Establishing a solid kick and swimming unaided.

This class is for those that are comfortable being independent in the water and can swim at least 1 meter on their front & back unaided.

Skills Introduced:  Gliding & breaststroke leg kick.

Skills Developed:  Floating, kicking, submersion & breath control.


Main Focus:  Building kick strength and introducing stroke techniques.

This class is for those that can swim at least 5 meters on their front & back and are now wanting to develop their stroke skills with the introduction of arms (front crawl, backstroke & breaststroke).

Skills Introduced:  Front crawl/backstroke & breaststroke arms.

Skills Developed:  Kicking, gliding & breath control.


Main Focus:  Building endurance and refining full stroke techniques.

This class is for those that understand and can demonstrate technique for front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke and now want to continue to improve on these techniques to cover a longer distance in the pool.

Skills Introduced:  Full stroke butterfly, distance swimming & an introduction to diving.

Skills Developed:  Full stroke movement patterns.


Main Focus: Building the capacity to swim 25 meters in each stroke and developing stroke technique.

This class is for those that have good technique across all 4 strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke & butterfly) and wish to challenge themselves over a greater distance.

Skills Introduced:   Sculling, Flip turn.

Skills Developed:  Endurance, diving & stroke efficiency.



Invitation to our competitive youth program is by the descretion of the Head Coach. 



Session 1: ​$345.00 per session + $29 Annual Swim Alberta Registration                                                                $172.50 per session + $29 Annual Swim Alberta Registration

Session 2: ​$270  + $29 Annual Swim Alberta Registration (For the first registration of the season)                       $135 Intro 1 + $29 Annual Swim Alberta Registration (For the first registration of the season)            

Session 3: ​$210 + $29 Annual Swim Alberta Registration (For the first registration of the season)                               $105 Intro 1 +$29 Annual Swim Alberta Registration (For the first registration of the season) 


Equipment Needed

​Training Suit, Swim Cap, Goggles, Water Bottle 


New Members

​New members need an assessment to join our Learn to Swim Program. All assessments will be done by appointment only. Please contact [email protected] to schedule an assessment.  PLEASE CONTACT THE REGISTRAR FOR WAITING LIST and ASSESSMENTS.

Please contact our registrar at [email protected] to schedule your swimmer's assessment.


Online Registration


Session Dates Tentative 2023-2024

Session 1 - $345 (~23 sessions) Monday & Wednesday 
               $172.50 INTRO-1 (11 sessions) Monday Only

September 18th, 2023 to December 6th, 2023
   No Class: October 9th

Session 2 - $270 (~18 sessions) Monday & Wednesday 
               $135 INTRO-1 (9 sessions) Monday Only
Jan. 8th, 2024-Mar 13th 2024
   No Class: February 19 & March 6

Session 3 - $210 (~14 sessions) Monday & Wednesday 
               $105 INTRO-1 (~7 sessions) Monday Only

April 8, 2024-May 27, 2024
   No Class: May 20


Practice Schedules

   Monday & Wednesday 5:00-5:45

   Monday & Wednesday 5:45-6:30



Important Dates:


      Group invited:

           Intermediate 2 


      Schedule (subject to change):

          Session 1: Friday, December 1, 2023

          Session 2: Friday March 15, 2024

          Session 3: Friday, May 24, 2024



Evan Kafara-Learn to Swim Coordinator